The Holy Grail Mushroom

As you follow the little grass trail you come across a little Romanesque chapel of Plaincourault, which was founded between 1110 and 1120 by knights Hospitalers of St-John of Jerusalem. It has been made famous by it's strange frescos, particularly the one with Adam and Eve flanking the Tree of Knowledge, which is none other than an Amanita Muscaria mushroom (commonly known as the Fly Agaric).

"Plaincourault Chapel is a 12th-century chapel of the Knights Hospitaller in Mérigny, Indre, France. The structure, which is located next to the Château de Plaincourault, suffered extensive damage during the French Revolution and was abandoned in 1793. It was declared a historical monument in 1944, but was not restored until the Parc naturel régional de la Brenne took ownership of the property in 1994. The chapel is famous for its unusual Romanesque art, particularly its Christian frescoes. As part of the Château de Plaincourault complex, it is designated by the French Ministry of Culture as a monument historique."​​​

Aside from a brief Wikipedia entry not a lot can be found regarding its history, largely because after it was abandoned by the Knights Hospitalers, who used the chapel for prayer and mass, it lay empty for centuries. Eventually the structure was converted into a barn and used as a storehouse to store hay and beetroots, before it was once again repossessed in the 19th century.
After extensive renovations the chapel has been preserved for a bit longer, and is even open to the public. Its frescos have been largely suppressed until they were brought to light by John M. Allegro, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls scholars and R. Gordon Wasson, a famous ethnomycologist.

​A strange mystical feeling arises as one enters the chapel, it is strangely reminiscent of the famous tapestry of the Attainment or The Achievement of the Grail.

It was then when I was initiated into this mystery and was given all the proper keys.
Aside from the more popular fresco of the Tree of Knowledge as the giant mushroom there are other frescos here as well, the one beside it is of Virgin Mary and baby Christ in majesty, surrounded by an almond-shape (mandorle in French). There are also frescos of the crucifixion, saint Eloi performing miracles, and even a scene from the famous medieval novel, the Roman de Renart.

​The strange frescos are by far not the end of it, new light is being shed on the origins of Christianity and the Serapeum Codices, which themselves reveal that Secret Sacraments and Magic Mushrooms have played a far bigger role in religion than people realize. The knights Hospitalers must have simply re-discovered the ancient wisdom of the pagans, that the Church tried so hard to stump out.

​According to an old Rabbi legend, an angel gave Adam the mysteries and secrets of Kabbalah and of Alchemy, promising that when the human race understand these inspired arts, the curse of the forbidden fruit would be removed and man will again enter into the Garden of Eden.

A few of my family hairlooms are a collection of ancient kabbalistic texts which coincidently tie everything together with the Plaincourault Chapel, the old rabbinical legend, and what the Hospitaller Knights found in the Holy Land, they are very old texts which have been harshly suppressed by the Church. One of them is a highly coveted text among the kabbalists and priests and it is practicly impossible to find it anywhere else, here is a brief summery of the first manuscript, which is an introduction to the second one which I will include after:

“Seth was given a branch from the same tree that Adam and Eve ate of, and he brought it to his father Adam, who once again used it to open his eyes. Seth also instructed Enoch of its origin and use, and according to other manuscripts he planted three seeds in Adam’s mouth when he died, “from these grew the burning bush which God used to talk to Moses, who made his magic wand from part of it. This wand was placed in the Ark of the Covenant and was planted by King David on Mount Zion, where it grew into a triple tree which was cut down by Solomon to construct the pillars of Jachin and Boaz at the entrance to the Temple in Jerusalem. Another portion was inserted into the threshold of the great gate and permitted no unclean thing to enter the sanctuary. It was, however, removed by some wicked priests, weighted down by stones and thrown into the Temple reservoir, where it was hidden and guarded by an angel. During Christ's lifetime the reservoir was drained and the piece of wood found and used as a bridge across the brook of Kedron, over which Jesus passed after his arrest on the Mount of Olives. It was then made into the cross on which he was crucified. The legend that the cross was ultimately made from the Tree of Knowledge was common in the Middle Ages and has similarities to the Holy Grail legend." 

The Serapeum Codices  Book I.

Adam said unto Seth: My son, this was not our dwelling place; this was the dwelling of the wild beasts and animals; but our dwelling place was in Eden, towards the east, in the Garden. For God created us, and put us in Paradise, and commanded us of which fruit we should eat and of which we should eat not; but we kept not his commandment; so we were robbed of the Divine glory and were sent out the of Garden. 

And Seth, the son of consolation, hearing such things from his father, considered them; and he went away, and for forty days and forty nights he did neither eat bread nor drink water. And in his prayer he said unto the Lord: Almighty, all-powerful Lord, hear favorably my prayer. And in the meantime he saw an angel coming and holding in his hand a branch of joy; and he gave it unto Seth, saying : This is thy father's consolation. And Seth returned thanks unto Christ, the Giver of life, who granted and fulfilled his prayer favorably. 

And Seth took the branch and brought it unto Adam, his father, saying: Father, this comes from thy dwelling place. And Adam took the branch, and put it upon his eyes; and his eyes were opened, and he looked and saw that the branch was from that tree from which he tasted death. And he said unto his son: Seth, my son; this branch is from that tree, of which the Lord commanded us to eat not. And Seth said unto his father: Father, know that as it caused death, so it giveth life, and even has given light. And Adam offered thanks unto God, and also blessed Seth, his son; and according to the command of the Lord, he returned unto dust, out of which he was created. 

And some time afterwards, Seth repeated these same words unto Enoch , saying: Adam, my father, said that this dwelling was not ours, but it was the dwelling of the wild beasts and of other creatures, and our dwelling was in Eden, towards the east. And when God created our father. He put him in the Garden, and commanded him of which fruit he should eat and of which he should not eat. But not having kept His commandment, he was deprived of the Divine light, and expelled from the Garden, and became equal to the brutes. And Enoch considered this thing, and for forty days and forty nights he tasted nothing. And thereafter he planted a beautiful garden, and put in it all kinds of fruitful trees. And he lived in that garden five hundred and forty-two years, after which he was taken up into heaven with his body, and obtained the Divine glory and light.

The use of mind altering substances for spiritual purposes goes back beyond the earliest written records, all the way to the primitive scribbles on the cave walls.  
The use of mind altering substances like mushrooms is common to all of the ancient civilizations if you look closely, every one of them from the ancient Sumerians to the Greeks, and so much more!
For instance before Judaism Sin was a Mesopotamian god of the Moon, who was also commonly designated as En-zu, which means "lord of wisdom."
What else is associated with the moon but mushrooms and wisdom?!

Part 3 - Secrets of Manna

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